Upgrade to OS X Mavericks

OS X Mavericks is out, it’s free, and it’s awesome. If you use multiple displays then there is no reason you shouldn’t go upgrade right now because the way they handle multi monitors is now awesome. This was the main reason I wanted to upgrade so I decided to take the leap. If you’re thinking about upgrading to OS X Mavericks but aren’t sure what the risks are and what is going to break, I have relatively good news. Not a whole lot changes and mostly everything still works. All of my installed applications still work. Most command line stuff still works: compass works, ruby works, npm still works. I wasn’t expecting this easy of an upgrade, but even so there are some things that don’t work. Here are the things that broke and here’s how to fix them.

Adding a tab to user profiles in Drupal 7

Have you ever tried adding a tab to the user account edit form? Certain modules like linkedin, profile2, and twitter have managed to do it, but I had never done any research into how they were doing it. I just assumed that it was a hook_menu of type MENU_LOCAL_TASK. So I did what most Drupal developers do when they need to create a new page. I called upon hook menu. Except almost everything I tried didn’t add a tab to the user edit form in the way that I wanted it to.

Easing Password Resets with PRLP

One of the biggest confusion points in Drupal is resetting your password. The default way that Drupal handles a password reset is by emailing you a link which has you click a button to log in. Once you’re logged in to the site, you’re not required to change your password. You’re just taken to the edit profile form which you can choose to leave behind and gallivant around the site and post comments and whatever else you typically do without actually changing your password. Then next time you need to log in, you have to repeat the whole process.